Neurodiversity at Ecrubox

Neurodiversity at Ecrubox
Neurodiversity is an agency superpower. I didn’t realise this for 30 years, but as someone who was diagnosed later in life, I understand it now.
I believe this grants me a modest latitude to reflect on my own experiences. My contribution to our work is positive and something I take pride in. While I wouldn’t claim to be superior in marketing skills compared to any of my colleagues, my distinct way of thinking adds a unique flavour to the mix.
Whether it’s spotting patterns in data or the ability to distil personas from noise, these are skills anyone could learn, but for me, they come naturally and with ease. I relish innovative problem-solving, and our strategies become more vibrant as a result. This approach has subtly contributed to a few accolades along the way, something we’re collectively proud of.
Joining Ecrubox initially made me apprehensive. I spent thirty years avoiding agency life. Like many on the autism spectrum, I find bustling environments challenging, not just physically but in terms of structure and nuance. My concerns were unfounded; they valued my difference.
My unique abilities come with specific needs, and agencies that support individuals like me benefit as much as they give. For me, it’s essential, not just preferable, to have a quiet space for example. Travel also presents its own set of challenges. Solve them and I’ll dedicate my heart to your goals.
It’s taken me decades to realise this is a reciprocal relationship. I didn’t have to reshape myself and struggle to fit in to the commercial world. And I didn’t have to run my own enterprise to be sure of comfort. I could be myself and request the environment I needed. With the right support, I’ve thrived.
Everyone’s unique, but my team appreciates my hyper-focus especially. They utilise my speed and engage with my theories. Oddly, I get to teach too these days. This is just my experience, but it makes me wonder how many other creative agencies would benefit from embracing neurodiverse talents?
We all face challenges. My most significant ones aren’t at all related to autism. Working here has shown me that everyone has quirks and that there’s universal commonality in spades. We all experience fatigue, share in disappointments, and each bring our life experiences to enrich the work we do.
Yes, I’m different, but not weak. Neurodiverse individuals like me often develop remarkable resilience and adaptability, adapting to a world that’s not always accommodating. It’s not a stereotype; it’s a reality. I was always called “bright” but now I’m better known as happy, fulfilled, engaged.
Perhaps my most significant unique selling point is my genuine, obsessive love for marketing. I’m fascinated by the interaction between humans, technology and brands. It’s a continuous quest for me, an enduring passion that I bring to the table for our clients.
I was never afraid to dig deep to understand the world around me but now I get paid to. I see what makes you tick and it’s a subtle thing that we replicate in marketing. If there were more neurodiverse people in the brand room, I guarantee the brands would be richer. More authentic. More fun.
If you were diagnosed later in life, come chat to me. We missed out on some stuff, you and I but the agency world is ready for us now. Find yourself an Ecrubox and you’ll unravel remarkably.
Alex Sass
Head of Magic, Ecrubox