The Marketing Millennials Podcast Ft. Heather Horton

Discover expert insights on customer retention & acquisition with CEO Heather Horton on The Marketing Millennials Podcast. Don't miss out!
The Marketing Millennials Podcast Ft. Heather Horton
Our CEO and Founder of Ecrubox, Heather Horton, has been featured on The Marketing Millennials Podcast. During the interview, Heather shared in-depth insights on tackling customer retention by using The Hourglass Funnel. She’s spoken, in detail, about how we can fine-tune customer acquisition channels, harness customer service and logistics, and make the most of influencer marketing.
All the essentials were covered, from gathering first-party data to attracting customers in today's competitive market. It’s an episode not to be missed if you’re a business owner or marketer looking to improve customer retention and increase long-term sales.

What Is The Hourglass Marketing Funnel?

The hourglass marketing funnel is an approach to customer engagement, highlighting the customer journey from initial awareness to long-term loyalty (which is what every brand should drive for!). At its heart lies the idea of nurturing existing customers as vigorously as pursuing new ones. This bit is key. It’s not uncommon for businesses to push hard to acquire new customers, over and over, without equally putting in the effort to keep them.
So, at the start of the funnel, businesses cast a wide net, capturing attention through various channels and touchpoints, whether it’s Email, Paid Social or PPC. As prospects/customers move down the funnel, the emphasis shifts to deepening relationships, providing personalised experiences, and addressing individual needs. This pivotal stage fosters trust and loyalty, leading to advocacy and repeat business.
The hourglass funnel acknowledges the strong relationship between acquisition and retention, recognising that sustainable growth relies on nurturing every stage of the customer lifecycle.
What are you waiting for? Click here to tune in now to get the low down on invaluable tips and strategies to create a loyal customer base using the Hourglass Model.
Jessica Cory
SEO and Content Manager