The Story behind Female Founders

The Story behind Female Founders
Crucial to the success of a female founder is a strong support system. Whether it's a mentor offering guidance, a community providing friendship or investors believing in a vision. As a female founder, Heather Horton understood the importance of finding a support network and a place to share her own experiences, both positive and negative. So back in 2023, Female Founders London was created, and it’s a network of just that - female founders. A space to come together and celebrate achievements as well as share advice to help each other grow.
The first event took place in January 2023 at The Hearth, London - a women’s co-working space by day and event space by night. The theme centred on securing investment as a female founder, offering insights and opportunities for attendees to engage with industry experts. With doors opening at 7pm, the evening unfolded with lively discussions, grazing boards and cocktails. Among the distinguished speakers was Libby Gibson, Co-founding Partner at Piper - a UK-based investment firm specialising in consumer brands. Libby shared invaluable perspectives on investor expectations, partner selection, and crafting compelling pitches - a worthwhile talk for all attendees.
“It was a privilege to be invited to speak at the Ecrubox Female Founders event and great to meet so many inspiring entrepreneurial women. The evening provided a brilliant opportunity to share stories and learnings and to build a useful network of supportive founders to draw on in the future” - Libby Gibson
Following Libby, was Amelia Sordell -  speaker, content creator and founder of personal branding agency, Klowt. Amelia's expertise in building impactful personal brands resonated with the audience, offering strategies for business growth and market positioning through her Q&A as well as talking about real-world experiences.
The event's success inspired Female Founders London to host another gathering in September 2023, this time at The Folly, London - a morning filled with brunching, coffees, and networking, and a mimosa thrown in there too! The morning session delved into fundraising strategies for female founders and the importance of customer loyalty and retention in e-commerce. Rachael Knapton, Partner Manager at Yotpo, enlightened attendees on the significance of customer retention in sustaining e-commerce growth. Meanwhile, Julia Elliott Brown, a serial entrepreneur and fundraising advisor, shared her insights into overcoming fundraising challenges and unlocking investment opportunities - a session brimming with actionable advice. Julia is also founder and CEO of Enter The Arena and author of RAISE: The Female Founder’s Guide To Securing Investment, which was available to all guests at both events and has been highly appreciated.
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Navigating the landscape of entrepreneurship as a female founder comes with its challenges, but it also emphasises the importance of solidarity and support. Female Founders London doesn’t just encourage equality but invests in it, providing a platform for women to connect, learn, and thrive. If you’d like to be a part of our next event, be sure to join the community to keep up to date on future gatherings at Female Founders London. The countdown to the next event is officially ON.
Charlotte Jones
Executive Assistant