YouTube in 2021 - is it really worth considering as part of your marketing strategy?

YouTube in 2021 - is it really worth considering as part of your marketing strategy?
The Story:
It’s safe to mention that YouTube is the hottest video platform today. YouTube was established in 2005 and has surged in popularity ever since. According to the latest YouTube statistics, the video-sharing platform has 2.3 billion users worldwide as of 2021 (Statista, 2021). It’s ranked as the second-most popular social network, and the only platform that has more active users than YouTube is Facebook. This video-publishing platform is currently the second largest search engine in the world too.
The simplicity of YouTube is one amongst the numerous reasons why it's exploded in popularity over the years, and being owned by the largest search engine, clearly has its advantages. The main advantage being that, when relevant, YouTube videos appear on Google’s first results page. This means that Google gives YouTube videos the same importance as website text content or blogs. Therefore, if your video is properly optimized with the relevant keywords, it can reach the right audience, grow your business’s visibility, and be a boost to your SEO strategy.
The Trend:
Still don’t think Youtube is really that big of a deal?

More video content is uploaded to the web in one single month than TV has created in three decades.

Our Take:
YouTube makes it so easy for content creators to share their content with a large audience and provides an opportunity for brands and influencers to build up a community.
Whether it’s endless beauty tutorials, product reviews, gaming channels, or hours of unboxing videos — YouTube has it all. In the millions of YouTube channels out there, you’re guaranteed to find at least a few that strike you as interesting and the content creation possibilities are endless. Let’s just say, on YouTube there’s something for everyone.
You might be wondering, “where do I fit in,” well, YouTube videos can be viewed without using Google accounts, such as via the autoplay feature in WhatsApp, which means YouTube’s reach is actually higher. When more than two billion users are logging in every month to watch videos on YouTube, there’s a massive and active market that marketers have the potential to tap into. And with an even wider reach, YouTube will certainly prove to be a great platform for your digital marketing efforts.
The best videos on YouTube can also be ones without high production value and are from bedrooms. Influencers are often reacting to videos and content from fans, so all you really need to get started is yourself, a camera and your personality!
Ever heard of PewdiePie and KSI? Well you should have, As of 2021, PewDiePie’s net worth is estimated to be $40 million. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, who is famously known by his online pseudonym PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber. He’s also the most subscribed-to channel on YouTube. His gaming videos on YouTube have helped him to become a gaming personality, with 110 Million Subscribers.
YouTube sensation KSI has a staggeringly huge following on the platform also and he is arguably one of the biggest names on YouTube. His level of infamy shot up in recent years following a public feud with Logan Paul that resulted in two high-profile boxing matches, from which he eventually emerged victorious as well as on 15 January 2021, KSI featured on " Don't Play " by British singer-songwriter Anne-Marie and British DJ and record producer Digital Farm Animals, which peaked at number 2 on the UK Singles Charts, KSI also featured on " Lighter " by British DJ and producer Nathan Dawe. The song received a Platinum certification from the BPI for exceeding UK sales of 600,000 units. He has since been on The Great British Bakeoff SU2C and is part of The Sidemen, a British YouTube group which is ever growing in popularity.
YouTuber’s KSI and PewDiePie
The Story:
But what if I am promoting a brand or service on YouTube?
Video can make the interaction between the customer and business / brand owner more real by letting the owner demonstrate a product or service in a very realistic way. YouTube enables sellers to do just this. For brands that exist only online, YouTube marketing creates a way to do total lifestyle marketing unlike any other medium.
We’ve picked out some brands and businesses that use YouTube in their marketing strategy and to engage with their community well on the platform.
Evian does a great job at short snippet video campaigns which are fun and have animations which pop. This allows their followers to understand more about their story and products. They have recently posted a video about becoming a B Corp company and explaining that this recognises companies meeting the highest standards of social & environmental criteria. Their central messaging through all their videos is that water is a gift of nature and sustainability has always been at the heart of their mission.
Abi Design
Owner and creator of Abi Design, Abi has been doing graphic design for over 5 years. She uses her YouTube channel to engage with her community and provides informational and educational content, as well as to promote her services. Her YouTube content is great at walking through steps and tips for those who may be interested in design and she is great at discussing her experience with her subscribers who may be interested in that path of work too.
Our Take:
For a business, having a YouTube channel shows you have initiative and want to engage with your community further on a more personal level. Having a YouTube account is one form of validating a business exists, and now, more than ever, YouTube is an important social media platform to consider. Growing in popularity, people’s interest in YouTube content isn’t going to stop or slow down anytime soon.
  • Building your audience on YouTube stems from hard work, careful planning, organisation and creativity. We have come up with a few potential ways to increase your YouTube following that are worth trying out if you are interested in starting a YouTube channel for your brand / services.
  • Boosting subscribers should be the main priority. By creating top quality content that engages your audience, most of the hard work is already complete.
  • Collaborate with other content creators. Or have guest speakers on your videos and encourage viewers to follow both channels.
  • Create themed playlists to help new viewers see grouped videos based on what they might be looking for.
  • A viral video is not what you are looking for. Instead, you want to consistently build your audience.
  • Like your social media presence, make sure that your brand image is strong and consistent. So use consistent fonts, logos, colours, settings etc. that fit in with your brand aesthetic.
  • Publish things often so that your audience gets used to the rhythm of your releases and it becomes part of their life. Overtime, they will come to expect a video release, and miss it when it doesn’t happen.
  • Stay true to your brand mission / message. Let your subscribers know who you are and what you stand for.
Lastly, enjoy it!! The most entertaining YouTube channels to watch are those who are loving what they are doing. So whilst you’re on camera, be sure to smile.